The Queendom of Tasenia
A great desert country who mainly deals in trading of all kinds. The grand capital, Crystalfall, lies by the lifeline of the state, the great river Caella. Several smaller cities and trading posts lay by the river and farms can be seen wherever you travel upstream to the capital. The rivermouth is well guarded and only fishingships and trading ships are let through the gates.

Queen Caella of Tasenia
Eladrin Female, 126 years, Alignment unknown

Priestess Shivra of Lolth
Drow Female, 67 years, lawful evil


Glass, jewels, minerals/ores, tools/weapons,slaves

Timber, livestock, seeds, textiles


Several monsters that have adapted to live in the sand roams the desert.
From Yuan-Ti, Giant Scorpions and mummies in the desert, to harpies and manticores in the mountains, Tasenias nature is not a kind one. Only a few species can survive under the boiling sun.


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