Lar "Soup Nazi" Alwen

The strictest chef you've ever met.


Race Elf
Age Middle aged
Language Common, Elven
Nationality Island of Veil
Alignment Lawfully Evil
Catch frase No soup for you!
Profession Chef

He’s a tall, dark haired elf with a strict frown, and a personal code even more so.
He dressees in thight leather trousers, a beige linen shirt, heavy boots and a brown leather apron.
He always carries a meat cleaver in his belt, and a soup spoon.


He used the be the chef on The Cartel’s flagship: The Plot Device.
When the ship sank due to a Shuagin attack during a voyage between the Dwarven republic of Cranmark and the merchant’s nation of Kalinia.

He survived the attack only due to a group of passengers who fought the Shuagin off; and brought him with them back to the mainland in a rowboat. He now finds himself in the employ of these passengers as they save up to buy a ship of their very own.

Lar "Soup Nazi" Alwen

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